Hello there! My name is Keegan Sanchez, and I'm a developer from Washington State. I've been a hobbyist programmer since 2014, and worked on a variety of projects. I started by writing (bad) mods for the popular game Minecraft (back in version 1.6), and eventually moved to writing server plugins. After a while, I picked up the C++ programming language, and began writing games. Since then, I've released a few simple games for practice, with some projects being written in C++ and a few being developed using Pico8 (I even have some projects targeting the Playdate!). I've finished my bachelors in computer science, and am working on a masters. I've done research in filesystems and IO, and was lucky enough to present a paper at NAS 2022!
     I also enjoy making all kinds of other media, hence why I made this website! It was built so I could share the digital doodads I make. I hope you find something you like on here!

     Feel free to contact me on my twitter. For more professional enquirey, here's my resume, and you can email me directly at bonkdroid@gmail.com.